is a Montessori Children´s House for 2,5-6-year old children. We are based in Olari, Espoo. Our children work together as one group. Co-operation and caring for others, feeling respect for themselves, for others, and for the environment and community in which they live are our greatest goals.


We are  a Finnish language Montessori Children´s House. We introduce English to the children through stories, rhymes, songs and discussions.

Primary classes address the unique needs of young children at a time in their development when they naturally learn through sensory exploration. In our prepared environment rich with language and culture, children learn to follow their own interests and direct their own learning.

With hands on exploration children will have knowledge of practical life activities, sensorial exploration, language, mathematics, science, geography, arts, music and movement.


8 Conditions That Optimize Learning and Development:

1. Movement

2. Child control/Sense of control of environment

3. Interest

4. No extrinsic rewards

5. Social interaction

6. Meaningful contexts

7. Positive adult interaction

8. Organized invironment

”Young people must have enough freedom to allow them to act on individual initiative. But in order that individual action should be free and useful, at the same time it must be restricted within certain limits and rules, that give the necessary guidance.”

Maria Montessori 1948

”Love impels the Child not toward the possession of an object, but toward the work he can do with it.”

Maria Montessori

You are welcome to observe our day, please contact us